New resolution requirements in Media and Entertainment, Medical Imaging, and Surveillance have now outgrown available storage and transmission systems. If you're planning on filming a new movie in 4K, you are surely aware that your storage and archival costs are going to quadruple, and you're most likely preparing for countless post-processing hours to be wasted waiting for this massive data to move across your network. Pixspan will reign in these costs, and put time back on the clock, all while ensuring that every pixel in your high-value images is exactly preserved.

Pixspan incorporates unique mathematically lossless compression algorithms paired with state-of-the-art computing and networking platforms to process, store, and transmit high-resolution images and at very high speed. Other compression-based solutions are unusable at these new resolutions, because they either reduce the quality of the images (lossy), the compression does not significantly reduce the size of the data (lossless), or the compression algorithms introduce massive processing latency. Pixspan leads the industry in processing speed and compression ratios.

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