Pixspan is currently engaging beta customers while conducting commercial demonstrations in Hollywood, California. The files being used are 2K and 4K, especially the 4K Standard Evaluation Material (StEM), specifically created by the American Society of Cinematographers to test compression. Running on a multi-processor server built by SGI using the Intel 5650 chip set, tests have shown lossless encoding and decoding at approximately two gigabytes per second (7 terabytes/hour). Compression ratios are 2X or better than available with commercial alternatives. Lossless compression at the media industry's highest resolutions, up to 4K at 51 megabytes per frame can enable the savings of petabytes of storage. Pixspan, for this industry, currently supports OpenEXR, DPX, CINEON, and TIFF formats.

Currently, Pixspan is the only technology that allows OpenEXR 4K material to be transmitted in real-time across commercially available networks: